t-riplex asked:
Jaande Luna, mooie tumblr!

Bedankt Willem !

"Even before I was touched, I belonged to you;
you had only to look at me."

Louise Glück

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Anonymous asked:
Zou ik dan tegen hem beginnen praten? :(

misschien moet je er eerst eens in het echt tegen praten :)

Anonymous asked:
Hahaha oei! Ja nederlands :) frans kan ik echt niet goed! :) hahaha

ah ok nederlands dan :p

Anonymous asked:
Belgium, and you? I'm on my Ipod so i can't see a page of your tumblr. But i won't say my name :( and i'm too shy so no.. But some of my friends are friends with him..

hahah praat je nederlands ? Da’s wel veel handiger natuurlijk ? Ou est-ce tu parles le français ? C’est plus facile :p

Anonymous asked:
Hehe, me too! But i want to talk to a boy of my school. I'm always looking to him, he's so pretty :) i'm a little afraid bcs he's popular. I think he deserves a better and more pretty girl than me.. What would you do? X

Well, honestly I don’t know. I always give my friends the advice to start talking to their crush, but I never start talking to a boy because I am afraid of what they would think about me… Have you already talked to him in real life ? Ps: where are you from ?

Anonymous asked:
Yeah but it's akward .. A 15 year old girl, that's never been kissed.. How old where you? Thanks for listening!

I was fifteen I think. No it’s not awkward, it’s fucked up that society believes you should lose virginity at the age of 12. And you’re welcome, I like to talk to you :)

Anonymous asked:
I'm not good in english but iwas in love with a boy for 1 year, and he was playing with my feelings..He was my first love so i can't let him go. I'm friends with him,bt i'm still jealous when he talks with another girl. I'm think i'm 99% over him but when i go to the cinema with him, he takes my hand, i just want to say 'no, please don't do this',but then i look in eyes, i just enjoy it.. Now, i never had a relationship, just like you it stays with flirts but i never been kissed, and you?

where are you from ? I know, boys really have no idea that everything they do can make a girl fall in love over and over again. Yes I have been kissed by my crushes and that’s even worse because kissing fucks up everything. You should save your first kiss for a boy who deserves it and loves you :)

Anonymous asked:
Well, same here.. You are going to find your prince, you just have to wait and have fun right now!

I really have the time of my life, I don’t need a boyfriend to feel fullfilled, but sometimes I just want a boyfriend who loves me :p and what is your story ? (: